To Edgar A. Poe, Esq. Cipher Tank (U)
To Edgar A. Poe, Esq. Cipher Tank (U)
To Edgar A. Poe, Esq. Cipher Tank (U)

To Edgar A. Poe, Esq. Cipher Tank (U)

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"Edgar Allan Poe was fascinated by ciphers, going so far as to create a story, The Gold Bug, centered around the solution to one. Less well known is an article Poe wrote for Graham's Magazine in 1840 called "A Few Words on Secret Writing," offering a subscription to any reader who could send him cipher he could not crack. After six months, he claimed to have solved 100 entries and then published two additional ciphers, allegedly submitted by a Mr. W. B. Tyler, to conclude the contest. In 1985 Louis Renza of Dartmouth College proposed that Tyler was in fact Poe himself, an idea that gained further support from Shawn Rosenheim of Williams College."

This famous cryptogram remained unsolved until 2000.

This unisex tank-top boasts a nice drape, which is ideal for layering or dealing with the summer heat. In true American Apparel style, the tank-top is extremely smooth and soft, and has reinforced smooth arm and head holes. It is made out of 100% cotton jersey, except for the heather grey color (90% cotton, 10% polyester).

• 100% fine jersey
• Banded arm and head holes
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

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